1. Ben and Jerrys Factory Tour – Vermont

This was such a good experience, and a nice way to spend an afternoon. It is a 30minute guided tour of the factory, and while you are there you will learn how the ice cream is made and even get a free sample! There is a quirky little gift shop as well that is worth taking a walk around, and then if you haven’t had enough ice cream already there is a small small outside that is selling a selection of Ben and Jerrys flavours, some of these we had never seen before so it was really exciting to be able to try some different flavours.
Around the back of the factory is something that makes your trip a little bit more interesting, the ‘Flavour Graveyard’. This is a graveyard located towards the back of the site, that is filled with all of the old flavours that are no longer available. I found it really interesting to see some of the weird and wonderful things they tried out, and on the gravestones it shows how long each flavour was in circulation.

2. Beehive Trail – Acadia National Park, ME

This trail is not for those that have a phobia of heights. The Beehive trail is filled with manufactured steps, handrails and also iron rung ladders to help you with your climb to the peak. And sometimes the climb is vertical with not a lot of room for manoeuvre, however once you reach the top the views are incredible. If you are looking for a challenge this is definitely something I would recommend doing – don’t forget to take water!

3. The Tallest Filing Cabinet – Burlington, VT

I am not really sure what the point of this is, but I enjoyed getting out an having a looking and taking some photos in front of the cabinet! It is pretty impressive how tall the filing cabinet actually is! If you are in Burlington it is definitely worth stopping and looking at it, it is so quirky and different. Worth the 5 minute detour.

4. Bean Town Pub

Drink a Sam Adams opposite to where Samual Adams is buried. It is not everyday you can say you have done this!

5. Pike Falls – Jamaica, VT

Pike Falls is an off the track swimming hole, you have to park up on the road and hike down to the stop. And we did have some difficulty in finding the hole at first but we then heard running water and just followed that and hoped for the best! It was a really quiet and secluded place, perfect for those that want to go swimming with no interruptions. If you are ever near, definitely go and check it out. There is no feeling like jumping off the rocks into the crisp chill water.

6. Emilys Bridge – Stowe, VT

You may think it is just a bridge, but the history behind it is fascinating. This bridge has been reported to have been haunted by Emily, the girl that tragically hanged herself from the rafters after her lover never appeared. If you are near Stowe it is worth going to take a look at the bridge and read all about the story of Emily and who doesn’t love a photo opportunity.

7. Arethusa Falls – White Mountains, NH

It is quite a hike to the falls but it was so worth it. It is around 200 feet and makes it the tallest waterfall in New Hampshire, it is simply breathtaking. In some parts of the hike the trail can be difficult but try and find a long branch and use it as a walking stick to help with the climb. The paths on the lead up to the summit of the waterfalls can be very muddy and slippery so make sure you watch your footing. If you are brave enough you can scramble across the logs that are at the bottom of the waterfall to get yourself directly underneath it. This was such a fun hike, one of the best ones we did during our vacation.

8. Lizzie Borden House – Fall River, MA

This is the house in which Lizzie Borden was accused of killing her family, and she was charged with the murder of her father and her stepmother. After no conclusive evidence it wasn’t enough to convince the jury of Lizzie’s crime. The house has now been converted into a bed and breakfast which you are able to go and stay. However if you don’t get the chance to stay, definitely go and take a guided tour, it was really interesting! And to be in the house that the murders actually happened added something to the tour.

9. Murder Mystery Train – White Mountains, NH

While we were in the White Mountains, we booked ourselves onto a murder mystery train ride. Each year there is a different theme for the murder, the one we attended was based around a marriage, in our invite we were told a dress code. So everyone was dressed up and we were all seated on the train and throughout the night the actors would come into our carriage and act out different scenes. It was such a fun evening and something I would recommend doing, it was so different and a good way to spend an evening.

10. Salem, MA

Salem was such a wonderful place, so many different quirky and unique places to visit and explore. We were luckily enough to be in Salem for Halloween, and it was such a good experience, everyone was dressed up and just ready to have a good time! Thee atmosphere was electric and you couldn’t not have the best time!

Have you visited New England? What were some of the best things you did?