Buying data for different countries can be expensive and unreliable, so we decided that we would use WiFi when we were over there. If this is something you are going to consider doing it does take some planning, as we were doing a 3week road trip, we needed to make sure that we had some form of satnav as we had a truck and were driving around New England.

We made sure that we downloaded maps of New England, from Google maps onto our phones and had them available as offline. This can be a long download process so make sure that this is do something in advance, and it can take up a lot of memory so this is something else that you will need to be careful of.

Sometimes we had problems with the maps as it would loose where we were, or would try to take us down roads we weren’t able to go down. This was only because we weren’t connected to the internet so the maps weren’t being updated in real time, it was never really too big of an issue as we had both downloaded the maps so if it wasn’t working on one phone we still had the other.
We also kept our phones in airplane mode for the duration of the trip, I think there was only one trip we had to take it off and that was on our way to the MetLife stadium from New York, we managed to get the train fine but then found ourselves a little lost and without WiFi so this was a last resort as we needed to get ourselves an Uber.

Luckily for us the majority of the places we stayed in did have WiFi, and when we went out during the day we were able to connect. But honestly it was nice not being connected 24/7 and not having to think about what everyone else is doing. I liked being in the bubble of just us and the road.

One thing we did struggle with was trying to check into our Airbnb’s, and letting them know when we were going to arrive. It only was a problem one of the times, as we arrived early and had no way of letting them know that we were there, which caused a bit of confusion and stress. But from then on we learnt our lesson and made sure to let the owners know the night before what time we would be arriving.

We proved that you don’t need to have mobile service to travel across America for 3weeks. I know that some people would be hesitant to do it, but you’ll never truly be disconnected, you’ll drive past a Dunkin Donuts and you’ll get WiFi, any fast food place you’ll get it. I don’t think it is an essential thing that you need, I felt better for not having it. But I guess it is down to personal preference and also safety. We were lucky that we didn’t need to worry about getting lost or not know where we were going, as we had planned everything out down to the T.

Just take a risk and disconnect.

TOP TIP: Print off any documents you may need, any hotel reservations, directions and addresses. This can be a life saver.