June 2018, Matthew and I were invited to his friends wedding, in MIAMI. A wedding in Miami, genuinely had never been so excited, and what a great excuse to book 2weeks off from work and go and travel to Miami.

We booked our flights into Orlando Airport, drove down to Miami with our friends, stayed in the most incredible hotel that was on the beach front – Matthew got our room upgraded so we had a sea view. Honestly so lucky, and waking up to the view of Miami, the beach and the beautiful sunrise is something that I will never forget.

We spent our first day in Miami, getting the most amazing breakfast and hanging out by the pool, drinking beer, listening to music and then getting ready and going out for dinner with the majority of the wedding party. We were only in Miami for a couple of days, and during our time in Miami we spent most of our time down by the beach, or hanging out by the pool. We attended the wedding rehearsal, and pre-wedding drinks, and then the wedding itself. It was such a beautiful wedding, the bride and groom looked incredible. The setting for the wedding was stunning, I have never seen anything like it, they got married in the court yard and had a outside marque where we ate, drank and danced the night away.

Matthew actually was asked to officiate the wedding, and I have never been more proud, watching him marry his two friends in front of all their friends and family. In front of complete strangers, he did an incredible job – and made everyone shed a couple of tears. It was such a unique and personal wedding, I have never been to a wedding like it and I don’t think I ever will again. It was most definitely one of the highlights of being in Miami.

From being in central Miami, after a couple of days a group of 6 of us moved and went to a lake house that we had rented out for a week. That was such a good time, we had a giant bbq with the whole of the wedding party, played beer pong, got drunk, jumped into the lake, saw dolphins, swam in the pool and relaxed for the week. On our last day in Miami, we decided to go back to South Beach to get tattoos, Matthew and I got matching tattoos that symbolise one of the first dates we went on.

Something to know about Miami is that it is very very expensive, if you do plan on visiting take this into consideration. If you can go to the supermarket and buy alcohol and some food so you aren’t having to always eat out. I have never experienced a place so expensive! Expensive but worth it.

Have you visited Miami? What did you do while you were there?