One of my favourite things to do is look back at memories from the previous years, where ever I seem to go I try and collect things to pit into a scrapbook where that is post cards or a napkin from a cafe I have visited.

I keep literally everything, because I never know what I want to put into the scrap book and what I don’t actually need or what I can put into my memory box. I love to take photographs, and capture the things that we are doing and the memories we are making, most of the time I just use my phone to take these photos but there are times where we will use the Polaroid camera that I brought Matthew for Christmas one year. I will do another blog post about the cameras that we use and how I get my photos printed in more detail.

The scrapbooks I use aren’t the same every-time, but I have kept the ‘theme’ of each scrapbook of each being black as I like to write a quote on the front that means something to me. Or is something that I fitted in with how I was feeling or reminded me of a certain event of day.

I try and get photos printed out at the end of every couple of months as to try and not fall behind, but recently I have been awful at trying to keep on top of doing the scrapbook! As well as using the photos that get printed from our Polaroid camera, I try and get the rest of them printed using an app on my phone called ‘Cheerz’ which is amazing. You can upload the photos straight from your phone, and there are loads of different products available on the app, you can get canvases printed, photo books and magnets to name but a few. There are a range of different print types you can choose from, but I always choose the ‘retro prints’ as these have a border around them and look as if they have also been printed from a Polaroid camera. One really good thing is that you are able to write captions on the photos at the time of ordering them. 

I try to keep the layout of my scrapbooks the same, so I also have a ‘title page’ which just states the event e.g. New England Road Trip 2017. I then try and break the photos up into days for the event, so if the event was to go over a couple of days or so I’d have the relevant photos to the relevant days. And then I just pick my favourite photos that I got printed and just stick them in, normally leaving a lot of room for me to write comments or funny things that were said during the trip. I like to stick to this format as I think when looking back through the pages it makes everything just a little bit more clearer.

I know that when some people create their scrapbooks they can be very full and crowded but I just found that this didn’t work too well with the size of our scrapbooks and the photos we use. But I suppose everyone is different, and you will find a way that works well for you.