Our 3week road trip finished up in Salem on Halloween, so we wanted to do as many quirky haunted things as we could, visit haunted places, and anything related to America being haunted.

We came across an event that was running throughout of October called ‘Spooky Worlds presents Nightmare New England’ we did a bit of research and after looking, we decided that this was something we definitely wanted to do.

It was definitely an experience, there is something that makes events like this more horrifying when you are in a different country. America do Halloween right. There are so many events like Nightmare New England, all over New England, but this is the one that we decided on, and the only one that the dates really worked with for the location that we were in.

We also looked at haunted places to stay in, we found a couple of good websites that listed what the most haunted places in New England were. Unfortunately for us when we were looking everywhere was booked up, we really wanted to stay in the Lizzie Borden house, if you don’t know about the story of her it is definitely something worth reading up on. And if you are planning on spending Halloween in New England, make sure you book accommodation months in advance, as you can imagine everywhere gets booked up very quickly.

Here is a list of Haunted attractions you should check out:

– Lizzie Borden Museum
– Salem (witch trails)
– Nightmare New England
– The Notchland Inn
– Emily Stowe
– Nancy Barden Trail
– Danvers State Hospital

I don’t want to give away too much about all of the haunted happenings in New England, but the list above? You should definitely check out a few things on there. Some of the things we learnt about was fascinating and terrifying all at the same time.