When it comes to writing down the things I want to achieve, I always feel anxious and awkward about it. I have visions in my head of what I want to do, but that is always where they stay. I worry that if I write it down it will make it more real and because of this it won’t happen. But what I have learnt is that to make things real and to manifest all of the good things I want to happen I should write them down. I should look at them everyday and most importantly, I should believe in myself. I always think it is nice to have things you want to achieve and goals you want to reach, and having a record of them may help me work harder towards reaching them.

So here is my list:

– I’d like to visit America again

– I’d like to sell 100 prints

– I’d like to receive requests for commission work

– I’d like to start doing freelancing

– Create a physical portfolio

– Learn a new skill (Lino printing and typography)

– Love myself and be comfortable in my own skin

– Read more

– Attend at least 10 craft/ art fair

– Be more honest with myself

I only want to set myself a couple of things I want to achieve, realistic but reachable targets. But at the same time I want to push myself and become better at what I love doing. And take the business to a new level.

What do you want to achieve in 2018?