Saving Memories

I keep literally everything, because I never know what I want to put into the scrap book and what I don't actually need or what I can put into my memory box.

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Universal Studios 2018

If you're a Harry Potter fan or not, this is honestly something I would not miss out on - it was magical!

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Each piece of photography is amazing quality and once you download the image it gives you the opportunity to credit the photographers, even though it isn't necessary.

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Girl Boss, Netflix Series (may include spoilers)

If you do work hard enough and put your mind to it you can be successful.

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World Nate

Finding something you are passionate and driven about is something that is a rare occurrence so when you find it, you want to make it work.

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Disney World 2018

Be Our Guest restaurant, which was amazing. I would definitely recommend going at lunch time.

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Miami 2018

Matthew and I got matching tattoos that symbolise one of the first dates we went on.

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Haunted America

It was definitely an experience, there is something that makes events like this more horrifying when you are in a different country. America do Halloween right.

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10 Unusual Things To Do in New England

This is a graveyard located towards the back of the site, that is filled with all of the old flavours that are no longer available.

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Taking A Step Back

We also kept our phones in airplane mode for the duration of the trip, I think there was only one trip we had to take it off and that was on our way to the MetLife stadium from…

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